Synthetic Diamond Dies
    Wirex is in the field of manufacturing of various kinds of drawing dies and can suppply PCD dies in the size ranging from 0.050 mm to 34 mm.

    Wirex Dies are meticulously processed in a unique lapidary style for drawing of soft as well as hard wires. Wirex PCD Dies are being manufactured by exclusively using PCD Die Blank approved from ADDMA USA.

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Natural & Tinned Diamond Dies
    Wirex single crystal natural Diamond Dies are available in the size range from 0.050 mm to 2.00 mm provides premium quality and performance. Each diamond is individually inspected to ensure that all diamonds used are free from internal defects. Each diamond is properly mounted, precisely profiled, highly polished and accurately sized to offer uniform wire reduction, minimum die pull and excellent wire surface quality. Natural diamond is used in fine or ultra fine sizes or as finish Dies when a superior wire surface is required.
Compacting Dies
    Wirex manufactures stranding and compacting dies in PCD and Tungsten Carbide wirex Polycrystalline diamond compacting dies are available up to 34mm and yeilds a good wire surface finish with excellent die life.

    Wirex Tungsten Carbide compacting dies are available up to 50mm and are economical solution for short production runs and when wire surface quality requirements are secondary to cost savings.
Shaped Dies
    Wirex manufactures custom made shaped dies in PCD and Tungsten Carbide dies. PCD dies are commonly used in Copper and Aluminium and yeilds a good surface finish with excellent die life.

    Wirex can supply custom design shape dies in Square, Rectangular, Tringular, Flat, Oval , Half round, Hexagonal and we can maintain minimum corner radius 0.25mm and minimum tollerance 0.001mm
Wire Guide and Extruder Dies
    Wirex manufactures Wire Guide and Extruder Dies fitted with PCD, Natural Diamond, TC and tool steel for cable industries. All our extrusion toolings are available in complete size range and according to customer drawing & specifications.

    Wirex standard styles & sizes are avalable for immediate shipment & each our toolings are individually engineered, than 100% tested for concentricity verification to ensure proper wire centering.
    Wirex Dies & Steel India Pvt. Ltd. has been authorized as distributors of METALUBE Lubricants responsible for India's Northern & Eastern Region

    METALUBE specialises in wire and tube drawing lubricants, working with wire, cabling and tubing manufacturers across the world.

    Lubricant Specifications
Diamond Paste and Diamond Powder
    Wirex diamond paste is manufacturer to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards and used for precision repolishing and sizing Tungsten Carbide dies and other hard surface.

    Wirex Diamond Powder is used for ripping, polishing and sizing wire drawing dies. Wirex Diamond Powder is readily available in the standard sizes of : (0-1/4), (2-4), (4-8), (6-12), (12-25), (30-40), (50-60) and (60-80).

Diamond Tools
    Wirex Diamond Tools are manufactured in a state of the art plant, incorporating automatic process control and unique plating technology. We are manufacturing Electroplated diamond tools for a large variety of applications, materials and industries.

    Our product range include: * Diamond Files * Diamond & CBN Mounted Points & Core Drills * Diamond & CBN Mounted Contour Tools * Diamond Saw Blades * Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheels * Diamond Dressers & Indenters * Diamond Tools for Glass Industries * Resin and Metal Bond Diamond/CBN Wheels * Speciality Work: Custom and Replating
TC Die Reconditioning Machine

    Wirex manufactures spare parts for wire drawing and stranding machinery.

    These include Ceramic Guide Pulleys , Eyelets , Rings , Buncher Bow Guides etc.
Standard Specifications
Dies Profile Soft Wire Hard Wire
Entrance 70°±10° 45°±10°
Reduction angle 16°±2° 14°±2°
Bearing Length 25~40 30~50
Back relief angle 15°±5° 15°±5°
Exit angle 60°±10° 70°±10°

Soft Wire products:
Copper wire Aluminum wire、Brass wire、Gold wire, etc.
Hard Wire products
Stainless steel wirex Copper plated steel wire、Galvanized steel wire、Brass plated steel wire、tungsten wire, etc.