In order to reduce your die maintenance costs, wirex is at your service with its technical inspection and repolishing department.

   Wirex restore your worn drawing dies to like new condition and we offer you the facilities to have a technical analysis of your dies after use. We will send you a report regarding :

   1. Surface finish,die size and its geometry
   2. Blank type and its grain size
   3. Re use of the die in the same size or if not        best next possible die size.

WIREX strength is the reconditioning of dies for multi wire drawing machines where we guarantee an identical geometry and size in all the Dies to ensure life span of your dies.
We can give training on dies and on the repolishing of dies to our customers, either at their premises , or in our production units.

We have different modules which are adapted to various requirements, such as:
General knowledge on dies, elongation, geometry, maintenance of dies…..
Dies wear diagnosis shaping, wiring, polishing, inspections…
Abrasive powders and microstructure of PCD.
Equipment needed for a die shop, adjustment and maintenance of such equipment, inspection equipment..